Who We Are

We are hikers, horse riders, mountain bikers, photographers, and others who love and care for this unique nature preserve. We are the friends of Lord Hill Regional Park.

Our Goal

To share with others this stunningly beautiful Park and help preserve it in its tranquil, natural condition for future generations.

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Lord Hill Regional Park

A Local Snohomish Treasure

In today’s hectic, mobile device-fixated world, it is nearly impossible to find a place to get away from it all. Finding a place outdoors where one can be truly alone is almost unheard of today.

Amazingly, Snohomish County residents are blessed with a 1,463-acre nature preserve—complete with hiker/equestrian/mountain bike trails, beaver ponds, dense forestlands, panoramic views of both the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges as well as Mount Rainier, access to the gorgeous Snohomish River, wetlands, many species of plants and mushrooms, wildlife (including deer, bear, bobcat, cougar, owls, falcons, and much more)—less than ten minutes from downtown Snohomish.

The stunningly beautiful nature preserve and local treasure is Lord Hill Regional Park. Owned by County residents and maintained by volunteers and the Snohomish County Parks Department, the Park contains nearly 20 miles of trails and is large enough that it’s common to not encounter another person inside the Park even when the trailhead parking lot is full.

A favorite of horse riders for decades, the Park offers a variety of terrain and adventure for equestrians with a “horses only” trailhead parking lot to accommodates horse trailers and tow vehicles.

The tranquility of the forest and the solitude achievable throughout the Park makes it an ideal location for combined hiking/meditation outings.

Hikers see Lord Hill Park as a “treasure” because it allows people to find solitude, to experience a natural, forested setting at a time when such simple, natural beauty is becoming scarce. The Park allows one to get away from the noise, chaos, and clutter that is today’s world.

We have included several photos of the Park on this website to give you an idea of how uniquely beautiful this fragile but welcoming and tranquil nature preserve is.

Please contact us if you would like to experience Lord Hill Park with friends who know and love the Park.

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Here's a sampling of what awaits you in this beautiful nature preserve.